Worldwide Distributions

Digital Distribution

We distribute your music to the world’s leading digital platforms for sale and streaming. We have long list of our partners, which includes Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtubeand Amazon.We will register your music for worldwide publishing royalties while you retain full ownership and copyright.

Musician Centric

 Our team of specialists has assisted many artists and record labels. With a Pro account, your account agent (with first and last name, no automated responses) will be available via email, phone, or live chat whenever you require assistance.

Instant Spotify Access

Spotify for Artists was created to assist artists and their teams in maximising Spotify. Claim your profile and receive immediate SDM verification.


Maximize your Music Value

Royalties Distribution

 Activate the division of royalty payments, a simple and practical way to tell us how to divide your royalties for each song or album among all of your collaborators. Make the most of your Pro account.Earn royalties every time you perform live or your music is heard, and pitch your tracks for TV & film placements

Mastered for iTunes

You can also distribute Apple Digital Masters or Mastered for iTunes at no additional cost with SDM. The renowned Alchemy Mastering studio offers our artists unmatched mastering for their songs.

Daily Earning

You have access to your royalties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not impose any minimums on your payments; your money is yours, and you may request it at any time; there are no restrictions.


Custom Service Models

Content ID

 Manage your catalogue on Content ID platforms with SDM and get complete control. We do not charge commissions on your YouTube monetization earnings; you keep the full amount. Also, you can apply distinct policies to each disk.

Professional Mastering

The renowned Alchemy Mastering studio offers our artists unmatched mastering for their songs

Registration in the Hit Lists

Want to reach the top of the charts? You can register your music to make it eligible for official charts worldwide, such as India, Billboard, ARIA, and the Official UK Charts.